Through the Shite storm

This is the post excerpt.

April of 2015 was a month that changed my life forever. It catapulted me into a year of dealing with lumpectomies, biopsies, chemo, Tamoxifen, forced early menopause, oh…and finally a double mastectomy with reconstruction. All of which sucked the big one. But….as Celtic warrior chicks do….I kicked arse and took names. Or something along those lines. I had my “boo hoo” days along the way….you know….the days where you are curled up in a fetal position crying for your Mammy. Ya….those days really sucked. But….I pulled me socks up, and vowed not to live in my “boo hoo” days, and instead to figure out a way to make this shite storm work for me.

And I did. Somehow, somewhere inside me, I figured out that I had a way with words, (although the Sisters of No Mercy told me I was complete shite at writing in school) and how I described the experience/challenges I was going through resonated with people. I started posting on Facebook, and people really responded to what I was saying. In fact that’s the reason I’m starting this blog…..because of those said responses.

Now, I haven’t got a bloody clue how to write a blog…..but I’m willing to give it a try. Maybe no one will read it. And if they do, they might think it lacking….but I think it’s going to be a way forward for me. A way to heal, grow, learn, and possibly guide others sailing through their own shite storm.

Bare with me tribe. These are uncharted waters for me. The things I can guarantee with this blog attempt are honesty, humor, some swear words (but with an Irish twist), a fair amount of shenanigans….and a wee bit of malarkey thrown in.

I will be heading out on a trip of a lifetime in a week. Australia and New Zealand here I come. And along the way, I will be meeting with women in each country that I follow on social media. Women who are either surviving breast cancer themselves, or are working to help heal and rehab those of us who have gone through treatment for cancer. In a way, I’d like to think of myself as an Ambassador……of Boob Cancer. Connecting women all over the world who have gone through what we have gone through. Why reinvent the wheel ladies….instead lets learn from our sisters in arms (or Boobs), and lets make our tribe bigger and better. Ps….men are welcome too! One percent of males get breast cancer….so dudes….check your pecs!!!

So strap on your life jackets tribe. We are heading out on a journey of discovery….and again…..with some shenanigans and a wee bit of malarkey.



Author: boobambassador

My sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, so I was being closely monitored by my medical team. Despite this, my cancer went undetected until I found it on April 20th, 2015. Stage II Invasive Ductal Carcinoma ER/PR+ HER2- . At no point did I ever say “why me”, it was more “why not me?” Millions of women world wide deal with hearing those words “it’s cancer”, and I was determined to face this new challenge in my life head on. I have taken this opportunity to educate myself and others about navigating this horror that is called cancer (or as I so lovingly call it, my "shit storm"!). I have chosen to deal with it with humor, exercise, knowledge, and a "tribe" of supporting individuals including family, friends, and an amazing medical team. As a Physical Therapy Assistant, I am furthering my education to provide oncology rehab to patients like myself undergoing cancer treatment. I found that carefully monitored exercise during chemo and other treatments for cancer, helped me minimize the side effects of medications, and provide a better quality of life. I am passionate about helping others through their "shit storm" and look forward to being part of my patients “tribe”. My medical team at the local hospital that I work for have been outstanding. We are very fortunate to have this level of care in a more rural setting. To my team and my "tribe", I cannot thank you enough. "She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails" Elizabeth Edwards To women (and men) going through this I would offer two words of advice.....adjust your sails, navigate a course with your team and sail through it. And look yourself in the mirror every day and repeat "I am the strongest person I know"! We ALL have the warrior within us, and when faced with a challenge, we fight.

15 thoughts on “Through the Shite storm”

  1. So glad you started a blog! Even if you only touch your small corner of the web… words mean something. Your story means something and you mean a lot to me. I will always view your journey as an exemplary one and a lesson in hope! Following you from my blog!


    1. Thank you Jen!!! This is all new to me, and I’m sure I will have to make a few mistakes before I figure it out….but that’s kind of how life is anyway. We learn from doing. Love you. And I will try to figure out how to follow your blog from my blog 🙄😳🤣😘


  2. Cora, you are off to an excellent start. Your humor, strength, courage and way with words (with an Irish twist) are a joy to read… even when writing about your shite storm. Thank you for sharing your heart with us! I’m looking forward to reading more and more. Happy travels to the Southern Hemisphere! Happy early birthday. Cheers Love. 😊🎉❤️😘🥂

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    1. I miss you too Charlotte!! Hope you are doing well….and we all need to get together for lunch when I get back. Love you sistah!! 💞💪🏻😘


  3. Good morning Cora! As I looked through my Facebook feed this morning, I came across your blog. I’m so happy you’re doing this because everyone that meets you, including me, thinks you are pure joy. Now, those that know you will get to spend some time with you, and those that don’t know you, will come to realize what an inspiration you are. Keep writing and have a fantastic time on your trip. I can’t wait to read all about it! 🙂

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    1. Dani!!! Thank you SO much for your kind words! I’m hopeful that my writing may bring a wee bit of joy to the reader, and possibly enlightenment on the joys, trials and tribulations in the life of someone diagnosed with cancer. I’m excited and slightly nervous to share my journey, but so many people have encouraged me to do this….so THAT many people can’t be wrong! Right?? 😳🙄🤣. Look forward to seeing you on February 2nd for the next big adventure in my journey to wholeness. 💞

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  4. Dear Cora,
    We all need “a Cora” on our not so good days to help us pick up our sword again. You resonate with people ( surely with me , I have a decal of ‘adjusting your sail’ on my bedroom wall) . Loved your blog , keep raising spirits, safe travels and the biggest hug ever sista ! 😘

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  5. Cora,hope you’re trip is all you want it to be and more! You are one awesome tough lady and I am glad you are enjoying your life! Keep up with your blog and all the best to you! Cheryl

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    1. Thanks a million Cheryl!! Hope all is well with you? And yes……I am grabbing life by the horns and trying to enjoy the heck out of it! Love and hugs to you. 💕


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