A lesson for Memorial Day…..

“On this day, take time to remember those who have fallen. But on every day after, do more; put the freedoms they died for to greater and nobler uses.”

Richelle E. Goodrich

Last night was an illuminating one for me on different levels. I learned some things about myself that I am not very proud of, and from this day forth will be rectifying. For the past six years, I have not fully put those freedoms that people have died for to greater and nobler causes. Not in the greater sense of those words.

I believe I am a good person; in many ways a contributing citizen of the country I have chosen to be a part of. But I’ve fallen short on one of the more important aspects of being an American Citizen. Politics and the duty to cast an informed vote. For the past six years, I have NOT chosen to become informed on ANYTHING involving politics. I run in the opposite direction of politically charged conversations. I don’t watch the news, or read about what’s going on in government here OR overseas. I’ve shut myself off to it. And I’m here to apologize, and say that I was wrong.

I have hidden behind the excuse that my ex husband belittled me because of my political choices (which he did repeatedly), and made THAT the reason I don’t become involved. But last night taught me a valuable lesson. It was on me, NOT him, to learn and become informed about the issues, so that I COULD be involved in a discussion KNOWING the facts, as opposed to coming at it from just my emotion…..which let’s face it…..I’m Irish and FULL of fecking emotion!!! He was who he was, and it was on me to face that situation differently. And I didn’t.

Last nights conversation,instigated by ME btw, for some unknown bloody reason…..showed me my weaknesses. And I do not like to see those. AT ALL!!! But….the universe sometimes gives you what you need, even if it’s uncomfortable to face. And you can either bolt (like I almost did), or you can stay and face your fear. It helped to have a calm individual on the other side of the conversation, to help peel you off the ceiling. And that was a good lesson to learn. Not every man/person will think “less of you”, if you don’t see eye to eye with them. If you respect their views/opinions, then they will respect yours.

But the biggest lesson I learned from this situation, was that I need to respect MY opinions. I need to know the facts behind which I base my opinion on, and be able to articulate those is a respectful and calm manner. I am an intelligent woman, and I need to use that intelligence to become a more informed citizen.

And to the person on the receiving end of my Irish temper last night…..I say two things. Firstly….I am sorry for my behavior. It was not me finest moment. And secondly, THANK YOU. Thank you for making me feel safe enough to not run screaming from the building, and for helping me to become more aware of things that I now know I need to change. There is always a chance to learn in every situation, and last night was a very teachable moment. You did well, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from it. We may never see eye to eye on the different issues, but it was a blessing to finally see that it is ok to not agree on everything. And as long as there is respect, conversations about politics do NOT have to scare the shite out of me.

So from this Memorial Day on, I will pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and embrace our politics, so that I can be part of the conversation. Because let’s face it, it’s one VERY important conversation. And it’s what so many people died for, in order for me to have the right to be part of this democratic process.

Author: boobambassador

My sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, so I was being closely monitored by my medical team. Despite this, my cancer went undetected until I found it on April 20th, 2015. Stage II Invasive Ductal Carcinoma ER/PR+ HER2- . At no point did I ever say “why me”, it was more “why not me?” Millions of women world wide deal with hearing those words “it’s cancer”, and I was determined to face this new challenge in my life head on. I have taken this opportunity to educate myself and others about navigating this horror that is called cancer (or as I so lovingly call it, my "shit storm"!). I have chosen to deal with it with humor, exercise, knowledge, and a "tribe" of supporting individuals including family, friends, and an amazing medical team. As a Physical Therapy Assistant, I am furthering my education to provide oncology rehab to patients like myself undergoing cancer treatment. I found that carefully monitored exercise during chemo and other treatments for cancer, helped me minimize the side effects of medications, and provide a better quality of life. I am passionate about helping others through their "shit storm" and look forward to being part of my patients “tribe”. My medical team at the local hospital that I work for have been outstanding. We are very fortunate to have this level of care in a more rural setting. To my team and my "tribe", I cannot thank you enough. "She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails" Elizabeth Edwards To women (and men) going through this I would offer two words of advice.....adjust your sails, navigate a course with your team and sail through it. And look yourself in the mirror every day and repeat "I am the strongest person I know"! We ALL have the warrior within us, and when faced with a challenge, we fight.

3 thoughts on “A lesson for Memorial Day…..”

  1. BRAVO. I am so very proud of you Cora! There are too many that wouldn’t have the courage to admit this, or any other shortcoming, and I
    totally agree that one needs to be informed… especially when it comes to facts and not opinions.
    Conversely, I grew up in a HIGHLY political family and I’m obsessed, to my mental health detriment, and I incessantly watch the news and read political (amount others) news articles voluminously. I have never been more stressed out or worried about our country than I am today.
    So, my fellow Capricorn (we are so similar, all or nothing!) I shall commit to watch/read less and you shall commit to do more.
    I’m here if you need me to bring you up to speed. 🇺🇸
    May God Bless us ALL!


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